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Was this made in RPG Maker VX Ace?

No it was made in Rpg maker mv.

Neat ^^

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Jugular 3 version 3.3
-Fixed monster AI
-Added bits of dialogue
-Removed Intro voice
-Added 2nd save point
-Added use for "Pliers, Bolts, & Wrench"
-Tweaked some eventing
-Removed player inventory limit

Jugular 3 version 3.2
-Fixed "Saw Trap" not appearing

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Jugular 3 version 3.1
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added Jugular 5 easter egg
-Improved Demogorgon AI
-Increased max stamina
-Increased Demogorgon speed
-Added progressive locking doors
-Added locking door in tool chest room
-Changed position of Clearance B Demogorgon
-Added "Saw Trap" item
-Added "Saw Trap" event
-Edited the outro song
-Deleted part of Clearance B map

Jugular 3 version 3.0 & hopefully the last version has just been released.
-Ruby statue adjusted
-Progression bug fixed
-Added secret item
-Fixed solid pool of blood bug
-Fixed passing through blood on wall

Jugular 3 version 2.1 has just been released.

-Fixed game breaking bug.

Was just told about a game-breaking bug in Jugular 3 that skipped straight to the credits as soon as you start the game! I'm so sorry for not catching this earlier. The updated version has been uploaded.

Jugular 3 version 2.0 has just been released.
-Added some voice acting.
-Some small bug fixes