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Frederick Tylam, Jana Tylam. Both foul human beings who enjoy killing those that threaten their perfect existence. Their house has become a cesspool of blood and torture, and a sanctuary for biological monsters.
Dr. Tylam has torn apart the fabric of the meaning of humanity. Now his disgusting arachnid children of his own seed run rampant in the shadows of the house.
Ever since the world has ended, the disgusting rot of all of us shows it's ugly head through the ever gaping hole of failing facades. Their death was too merciful.

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Published129 days ago
Tags16-bit, 2D, creepy, disturbing, Gore, Horrible, Horror, lone-survivor, series, Survival Horror
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Simply download and run "Game.exe"


Jugular2.zip (91 MB)


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great lighting effects used! great scripting! great custom tiles! No passage through the first room exit... was a nightmare just trying to exit the first room which I found and it did nothing. I was stuck there not being able to take the wallet ID found. Then I couldn't exit the main title screen! this game has many glitches to get working properly!!

Thanks for trying the Jugular series! Now I tested it out but I haven't found any bugs which would be definitely better for other people to test it out. This process will give a higher chance to finding bugs. Also, you have to find a key to exit the room you start in. And to exit from looking at an image, you must press SHIFT. Not being able to exit the main title screen seems like to be a legitimate bug. I'll look into that one.

I have had my wife play through the game, and she managed to figure it out!! for some reason I couldn't get the key to exit the first level but she did and I checked the same place, could have been a control glitch because I am not at all used to the way that game was set up to use the controls seemed very uncomfortable to me! No less... she was able to get to quite a few other levels in the game but she did comment that there was not very many interactive things to find. She got bored pretty quickly! It's a cool looking game and I'm sure there was tons of work involved with all the custom tile sets etc... as I well know myself making the games I made already on here! Could you find the time to download and check out my first demo game of " Tales of Temptation " on mediafire?


Jugular 1 and 2 is an experimental phase in which very little is interactive. Nothing has dialogue, and everything is simplistic. Jugular 3 however, will have much more to interact with, almost everything will be able to be searched or viewed. And I will check out your game.