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Zoe: Drey, I know about Dani. Her husband is my boss's son.
Drey: What the fuck....what's his name?
Zoe: His name is Ainslin. Baby he's looking for you.
Drey: Listen, I need you to get in contact with Willie. He'll be able to sort this out.
Zoe: Ok, I will.
Drey: All I can do now is just wait it out and hope I don't get ambushed.

Day of the Apocalypse
Drey: Zoe, ZOE! Can you hear me!?
Zoe: You're zzzz..bre...zzzaking chchchzzz
Drey: Fuck! Listen Zoe babe I love you. Get out of Arkansas, some serious shit is going down in Little Rock. Yes, enough for you to leave the state.
Zoe: chchchhhchchzz...What!?chchczzz
Drey: Please honey do this for me, I will find you later. I love you, please trust me on this!
Zoe: chchchchchzzz Drey! What...chchchc...going..chchczzz..on?!
Drey: I love you babe, please trust me on this and do as I say, I love you.


Dear Zoe,
After what happened in Little Rock, her husband found me and knocked me out cold. He took me to his basement and tortured me. All he wanted was revenge and to know how his wife was killed. I told him the truth. I told him......what I've done......how I.....imagined it all. And how I was sent to a psychiatric ward for it.........


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(1 edit)

- Some bugs fixed
- Reorganized enemy death sounds
- Added more enemies
- Added new puzzle
- Added "notes"

BETA Version 1.1 has been released.

-Added some enemies
-Added "Kevlar" armor
-Fixed some small bugs
-Deleted some save points
-Repositioned some enemies
-Added some extra dialogue

If you encounter any bugs, please post it here in the comments.