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   Monsters have been sighted a multitude of times by many people. Stories of them arose on the internet calling them "Cryptids." Obscure images of strange creatures filled social media platforms. Creepypastas made in their honor. The world continued normally however, people lived their lives day to day completely unaware of the growing population of monsters. They are planning something on a planetary scale. They are being sighted more often. Their discreet ways are becoming rash. Monsters have begun to kill more eradicating entire families and any witnesses in legendary obscurity. They are beginning to give birth to parasites. Parasites that burrow into the mind of a human and make them insatiably hungry for human flesh.....Once an infected person fills it's belly with human flesh, the parasite begins to transform, tearing the victim apart from the inside out as they grow exponentially.

    But where there is death, life emerges. Children and men of slaughtered relatives grow to become hunters. After being brushed off by society because of their fantastical ideas of monsters, they take to hunting in secret. Vigilantes of sorts. Dedicated to killing the Earth's real threat. Because of the monsters' bold acts, hunters have banded together in a common goal, find the source of these creatures.

     Arnie, an experienced and strong-willed monster hunter that was once apart of "The Guardians of Ariel", has recruited a new blood. An angry, lone hunter named Abel. Driven by only one goal, find and make "The Rake" suffer a painful death. Both of them work together and witness firsthand of the turn in the monster population. Together they will fight some of the most horrid creatures that have taken advantage of innocent people. Together they will search for the truth.

    1. Explore dark and scary locations lurking with monsters.
    2. Utilize dozens of items to help in the fight against monsters.
    3. Craft powerful and expensive explosives to blow up your foes.
    4. Visit the Black Market and purchase a variety of modern weapons.
    5. Harness the secret power to cast spells of immense destruction.
    6. Make game-changing decisions to experience different gameplay paths.
    7. Prepare your character in this game to be ready for the perils of "Pulmonary 2!"

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Release date Mar 21, 2018
AuthorJeremy Perkins
GenreRole Playing, Action
Made withRPG Maker
Tags16-bit, 2D, Hand-drawn, Horror, Monsters, Pixel Art, Post-apocalyptic, RPG Maker, scary
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Development log


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There was problem with the saving system of the game,Whenever I saved the game in the candle holder and exited the game,It did not save any of my progress I have to do it all of it again and wait another 10 minutes because of the intro was very long.

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Pulmonary BETA Version 1.3 has been released!

1. Changed Pulmonary Theme song
2. Added item "Candy"
3. Added state "Sugar Rush"
4. Tweaked Carnival map
5. Tweaked Haunted House 1F map
6. Slightly changed Haunted House initial puzzle
7. Fixed a few minor bugs
8. Updated "Joe Testrian" and "Gatekeeper" battlers

*View this project's devlog to see the updated enemies.

Pulmonary BETA Version 1.2 has been released!

1. Font changed so it can be easily read now
2. Evasion skill nerfed
3. Optimized a few events in 1st mission
4. Fixed a few minor bugs
5. Victory fanfare has been changed to custom music

Plans for future updates:

1. Add more explosives
2. Redraw Joe Testrian battler
3. Redraw Gatekeeper battler
4. Extend Konchin Elementary mission
5. Fill rooms with more random stuff