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Pulmonary BETA Version 1.3 has been released!

1. Changed Pulmonary Theme song
2. Added item "Candy"
3. Added state "Sugar Rush"
4. Tweaked Carnival map
5. Tweaked Haunted House 1F map
6. Slightly changed Haunted House initial puzzle
7. Fixed a few minor bugs
8. Updated "Joe Testrian" and "Gatekeeper" battlers

*View this project's devlog to see the updated enemies.

Pulmonary BETA Version 1.2 has been released!

1. Font changed so it can be easily read now
2. Evasion skill nerfed
3. Optimized a few events in 1st mission
4. Fixed a few minor bugs
5. Victory fanfare has been changed to custom music

Plans for future updates:

1. Add more explosives
2. Redraw Joe Testrian battler
3. Redraw Gatekeeper battler
4. Extend Konchin Elementary mission
5. Fill rooms with more random stuff